Experience the Samurai Way:
Private Classes and Kenbu Shows Tailored for You

In the heart of Kyoto, a city where the ancient and modern blend seamlessly, lies an opportunity to step into the world of the Samurai—an immersive experience that is as personal as it is profound. Whether you're a solo enthusiast or part of a larger group seeking a deeper connection with Japanese culture, our private Samurai classes and Kenbu shows are tailored to provide an intimate look into the disciplined life of the Samurai.

◆Private Samurai Class: Personalized Training for Individuals and Small Groups

For individuals or small groups of up to nine people, our private Samurai classes are a conduit to the past. Held at our theater for JPY 20,000, these sessions provide a space where you can learn the art of the Samurai in an environment that respects the sanctity of the tradition.

For those seeking an ambiance steeped in history, the option to rent a room at a temple is available for an additional JPY 30,000, creating an experience that is as authentic as it is memorable.

Private Samurai Class (1-9 people) - Theater JPY 20,000/person
Private Samurai Class (1-9 people) - Temple Room JPY 20,000/person + JPY 30,000 (Temple Room Rental)

◆Private Samurai Class for Big Groups: Embrace the Warrior Spirit

Larger groups, ranging from 10 to 100 people, can engage in a Samurai experience that is both grand and intimate. For JPY 10,000 plus the cost of the venue and potential additional expenses, you can book a session that accommodates everyone's desire to connect with the warrior spirit.

Private Samurai Class - Big Group (10-100 people) JPY 10,000 + Venue Cost + Additional Costs

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◆Private Kenbu Show: Elegance and Swordsmanship at Your Venue

Our Kenbu shows, which can be held privately at our theater for JPY 100,000, allow up to 60 people to witness the beauty and precision of Samurai martial arts. If you prefer the comfort of your hotel or a special place, we offer private shows priced between JPY 110,000 and JPY 165,000, plus the venue cost and any additional charges that may arise. It's an exclusive performance, bringing the majesty of Samurai culture right to your doorstep.

Private Kenbu Show at our Theater JPY 100,000 (Max 60 people)
Private Kenbu Show at Your Hotel/Special Place From JPY 55,000 + Additional Costs

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◆Regular Kenbu Classes in Kyoto: Dive Deep into Tradition

For those based in or visiting Kyoto, we offer regular Kenbu classes. These 1-hour sessions, held 2-5 times a month, are designed to fit into your schedule with ease, available daily across multiple time slots. It's an open invitation to hone your skills and embody the Samurai ethos with every movement.

Regular Kenbu Classes (Kyoto) Please make an inquiry. 1-hour class, 2-5 times a month

◆Online Kenbu Classes: The Samurai Spirit, Anywhere You Are

Not in Kyoto? No problem. Our 40-minute online Kenbu classes, available four times a month, ensure that distance is no barrier to your Samurai journey. Open daily at times that cater to a global audience, these classes bring the dojo to you, wherever you are in the world.

Regular Kenbu Classes (Online) JPY9,000/month 40-minute sessions, 4 times a month
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−Special Discounts and Flexible Scheduling

Our Samurai Class & Kenbu Show packages come in various durations and schedules to accommodate your preferences, with fees adjusted accordingly for adults and observers. We even offer a discount for young Samurai enthusiasts aged 5-11 years.
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−Booking Your Path to the Samurai

Embarking on this cultural voyage is just a booking away. Check our daily schedule and secure your spot in a class or show that suits your interests and schedule. Please note that we are closed on Thursdays and Sundays.

For inquiries about private classes, shows, or regular classes, please reach out via email. Let us craft an experience that not only teaches you about the Samurai way but also leaves you with a piece of their indomitable spirit.

Contact us today to book your authentic Samurai experience.
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Your journey into the heart of Samurai culture awaits. Join us and carry forward the legacy of Japan's iconic warriors through an encounter that is as educational as it is exhilarating. Please note that for some services, such as the Regular Kenbu Classes (Online) and Private Classes for Big Groups, the final pricing may include additional costs depending on the specific needs and venue selections. For detailed inquiries and custom arrangements, reaching out via email is recommended.