The "Theater" near Sanjo Ohashi.It's like another world
Would you like to experience a samurai with the friendly staff?

  • Theater01

    3 minutes walk from Sanjo Ohashi. The theater is located in the basement of the building facing Sanjo-dori.

  • Theater02

    When you go down the stairs from the entrance ... there is a Japanese-style room! Friendly staff will welcome you.

  • Theater03

    You will find traditional goods! The souvenir corner is evolving day by day!

  • Theater04

    Costume list. Kenbu is a stage costume, so there are many variations, from astringent to gorgeous.

  • トリップアドバイザー

    We have been awarded the "Certificate of Excellence" for the third consecutive year from the global word-of-mouth site "TripAdvisor".


Some people are surprised that the sword they hold for the first time is surprisingly heavy!
We will also take a commemorative photo with a cool pose.

  • 体験写真

    Lesson scenery.The first difficulty is drawing out and returning to its scabbard a sword.

  • Lesson01

    Kenbu generally uses Iai sword (simulated sword).Surprisingly heavy! Light or short swords are also available for women and children.

  • Lesson02

    The instructor makes a pose for each person before shooting. Make a cool pose and leave a good photo.


The Show you see up close is impressive!
The ceremony of a 'Harakiri' makes me nervous to see.

  • Show01

    The serious performance by the instructor is very powerful.

  • Show02

    What is "Seppuku"? Explains its meaning and manners.