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Samurai experience & Kenbu show (Package program ) *Recommended

These are our most recommended programs! You can enjoy our samurai experiencing lesson and a stage performance by our kenbu masters.

  • Full package: Full lesson + Kenbu show
  • Light package:Light lesson + Kenbu show
  • Private package:Private lesson + Kenbu show
  • Luxury:Private lesson +Private Kenbu show at a temple
  • Optional : Childcare service

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Kenbu Show

A 60-minute program including a Kenbu stage performances by kenbu masters and mini-experiences of the katana sword and a folding fan.

  • Kenbu show and mini-experiences
  • Private Kenbu Show + Mini-experiences

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Samurai experience (Sword and Kenbu lesson)

You will learn how to use a sword, some manners of using it, and perfoming a kenbu piece on stage. The sword is for training and not dangerous.*With a samurai costume rental.

  • Full lesson(Sword and Kenbu experience)90min. 
  • Light lesson(Sword experience)60min. 
  • Package plan including both the lesson and the show.
  • Observing a lesson.
  • Optional : Childcare service.

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Folding fan and dancelesson

You will learn how to use a Sensu, a Japanese classical folding fan, and a folding fan dance.

  • Full lesson(Folding fan and dance lesson)90min. 
  • Light lesson(Uses of the folding fan and Tosenkyo)60min. 

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3 day (15 hrs) training

You will complete one kenbu/senbu piece by taking 15 hours lessons. Recommended to people who want to 'achieve something' during your staying in the historical city Kyoto.

  • 3 day (15 hrs) training course

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Visiting service for big groups

At Samurai Kenbu Theater, Up to 30 people can take a lesson program at the same time. Also up to 100 people can do at the same time by renting another venue. Available for group tours, cooperate trainings, and etc.

  • Samurai experience
  • Kenbu show
  • Optional: welcoming session by samurai wearing armor suit

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General information

Kenbu, literally meaning 'sword dance' is one of Japanese traditional performing arts that shows the samurai's culture and the spirituality with a Katana sword and a folding fan.

Samurai Kenbu Theater, a dojo (training gym) of Kenbu, offers both Kenbu show and lesson programs for Kyoto visitors. You can learn about, and practice, some aspects of the etiquette of samurai classes with a chance to try on a traditional costume as well as a show performed by Kenbu Masters. Here is your chance to step into the shoes of samurai and experience the cultural heritage of Japan!

  • Short time cultural experience with lesson & show
  • Located in the downtown of Kyoto
  • Various programs to satisfy your interests
  • All programs are provided in English. Pamphlets are in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified).
  • Open Monday to Sunday (Booking basis). (We can accept phone calls from 9:00 to 18:00 daily.)
    *Closed in January 2023:Wed.11th, Wed.18th, Fri.20th, Wed.25th, Fri.27th.
    [Jan. 16th-Feb. 28th]:We can accept phone calls from 10:00 to 15:00.

Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy.
We do not share or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent.

Cancellation Policy

Below are our cancellation charges for personal and commercial bookings.

Personal bookings
  • The day before: 30% of the full amount
  • On the day: 100% cancellation charge of the full amount
Commercial bookings
  • 6 days to 2 days before: 30% of the full amount
  • 1 day before: 50% of the full amount
  • On the day of the booking: 100% of the full amount