Samurai Kenbu: The Artistic Legacy of the Warrior's Spirit

About us

Kenbu, commonly referred to as the 'Sword Dance' or 'Ginkenshibu,' stands as a testament to Japan's rich cultural heritage. This traditional art form combines the elegance of the katana (Japanese sword) and sensu (fan) to embody the Samurai's way of life, all expressed through the poignant recitation of poetry. The attire, the authentic Kimono and Hakama, harkens back to the attire worn by Samurai in ancient Japan.

The roots of Kenbu's intricate forms, or kata, trace back to the Samurai of the Sengoku period, a time marked by relentless conflict. It wasn't until the turbulent Bakumatsu period, the twilight years of the Edo era, that Kenbu found its stage. The Ishin-Shishi, a group of political visionaries who embodied the Samurai spirit, were the first to perform Kenbu. They wove together the myriad of sword forms developed by the Samurai into a performance that was as much a martial display as it was an artistic one, involving both the sword and the fan. The Ishin-Shishi used Kenbu as a means for meditation, morale-boosting, and to articulate their resolve.

Each Kenbu performance, though possibly as brief as two and a half minutes, encapsulates the profound Samurai ethos, an ethos cultivated over 700 years of political dominance in ancient Japan. The feudal principles of the Samurai culture, with its strict social hierarchies and limited personal freedoms, continue to influence the modern Japanese way of life. The values exemplified by the Samurai—conviction, responsibility for one's words and deeds, and integrity—remain pillars of morality in contemporary Japan.

As the custodians of Bushido, the way of the Samurai, we are committed to ensuring this rich cultural heritage endures through "Samurai Kenbu." We aim to present Kenbu in a format that resonates with today's audiences, making it an accessible portal to a time-honored tradition. By providing a space where Kenbu can be easily experienced by those outside our industry, we aspire to share this jewel of traditional Japanese culture with a wider audience, offering a bridge between the old and the new.

We invite you to step into the storied realm of the Samurai and experience the grace, discipline, and spirit that is Kenbu. Join us in preserving and celebrating a pivotal piece of Japan's cultural identity.

About Us

Company Name Gimbu Co., Ltd.
Office (Headquarters)Samurai Kenbu Theater Kyoto
B1F GOZAN Bldg., 35-7 Sanchome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0005
Street name: Sanjo-hanamikoji Higashi-iru
Online Presence Corporate site (Only in Japanese)
Business Mission Promoting Kenbu and Samurai culture
Activities Conducting Kenbu workshops, performances, and seminars; Collaborating with Kenbu schools
Capital 7,000,000 yen
Establishment November 2014 (Registration on 23rd October 2014)
Contact 075-751-2033
Leadership Auga Magari, The successor to Seigaryu Kenbu School
Trademarks 'Samurai Kenbu', 'サムライ剣舞'


November 2009
Initiated "Samurai Kenbu Experience" in Otsu city as Seigaryu Kenbu school.
November 2010
Launched independently as SEIGA Samurai Kenbu.
November 2013
Relocated headquarters to Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto (Samurai Kenbu Theater).
November 2014
Formed Samurai Kenbu Co., Ltd.
August 2017
Opened Kyoto branch "KYOTO Samurai Kenbu".
November 2019
Rebranded as Gimbu Co., Ltd.