Discover the Spirit of the Samurai:
An Inside Look at the Kenbu Show - Long Version

Embark on a 40-minute journey back in time to the age of the Samurai with our Kenbu Show - Long Version. This immersive experience is not just a spectacle for the eyes but a passage for the soul into the heart of Japan's legendary warrior class.

A Greeting from the Past

As the lights dim and the hush falls over the audience, our show begins with a warm greeting and introduction. Here, you are no longer a mere spectator but a guest of honor as we pull back the veil on centuries of tradition.

The Martial Arts of Swords: Toho and Iai

The air thrums with anticipation as our skilled practitioners demonstrate 'Toho' and 'Iai', the martial arts that defined the Samurai's prowess. Watch with bated breath as blades slice through the air, an elegant and lethal dance that has been perfected over generations.

Kenbu Dance Show: The Soul in Motion

Experience the stirring tales that shaped the Samurai ethos through our Kenbu performance. From the strategic depths of "Fushikian" - The Battle of Kawanakajima to the loyal heartbreak of "ShijuShitishi" - 47 Ronin, and the daring exploits of "Courageous Yoshitune" from the Genpei War, each story is brought to life with a flourish of swords and a cascade of emotion.

Through the Annals of Samurai History

Our narrative takes you through the annals of Samurai history, a tale woven in honor and duty. Learn how these warriors influenced Japan’s culture, politics, and society, with each sword technique demonstration serving as a chapter from their storied lives.

The Samurai's Daily Grace

Beyond the battlefield, discover the Samurai’s lifestyle through the delicate use of a folding fan. This segment displays the subtleties of non-verbal communication and the aesthetic appreciation the Samurai held for their everyday objects.

Seppuku: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Gain insights into the somber practice of 'Seppuku' or 'Harakiri', an act intertwined with the Samurai's deep sense of honor. This informative piece allows a deeper understanding of the weighty choices faced by the Samurai.

Shochikubai: The Beauty of Nature

Be enchanted by the 'Shochikubai' folding fan performance, where the serenity of pine, bamboo, and plum is expressed through gentle, calculated movements, symbolizing perseverance, flexibility, and renewal, respectively.

The New Wave of Kenbu

Witness the evolution of Kenbu with 'Josai' or 'Kiso-Yoshinaka', a modern interpretation in four acts. From the Samurai's Resolve to the Daily Training, the Decisive Battle, and the emotive Conclusion, this performance is a testament to the timeless relevance of the Samurai spirit.

A Respectful Departure

As tradition dictates, the show concludes with a bow, a sign of mutual respect and gratitude between the performer and the audience.

- Capture the Moment

After the show, seize the opportunity for a photo shoot with our performers, a perfect memento of your encounter with the Samurai spirit.

- An Invitation to Wield the Sword

For those who wish to feel the weight of history in their hands, guests who have not booked a class are invited to try swinging a sword themselves, under expert guidance, of course.

Awaiting the Next Chapter

And if you're inspired to delve deeper, guests who have booked a class will be ushered to the waiting room, where their own Samurai journey awaits.

Join us for a profound cultural experience that transcends entertainment and educates. It’s a show that's sure to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the discipline, artistry, and philosophy of the Samurai.

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