Embarking on the Way of the Sword and Dance: A Student's Journey in Online Kenbu Classes

Greetings to our readers! Today, we bring you a fascinating insight into the world of Kenbu through the eyes of a dedicated student who has embraced this traditional Japanese art form via the wonders of the digital age.

The Quest for Mastery

Our student, who hails from Japan, embarked on a quest to find a discipline that resonates with the soul of the samurai — Kenbu. However, the journey began with a challenge: finding a teacher. With determination, they turned to the reliable world of Google, and it wasn't long before they discovered the online classes that would set them on the path to mastery.

A Digital Dojo Experience

Since November, our student has delved into the depths of Kenbu. "The experience has been enriching," they say. The online platform has not been a barrier but a bridge to learning intricate performances. "I try to imitate the performance, and I am learning each step," they share, revealing the meticulous nature of the instruction.

Overcoming the Odds

The road to learning Kenbu, like any martial art, comes with its set of challenges. Posture, a critical element in the art form, proved to be a hurdle. Fortunately, the instructor was attuned to the needs of the student, offering personalized lessons to hone this skill. It is a testament to the adaptability of online teaching methods and the commitment to individual progress.

The Path Forward: Tools for Growth

Our student suggests two key tools that could enhance the learning experience:

Video Recaps:

The idea of having a YouTube video to recap and review lessons is brilliant, allowing students to revisit the intricacies of each movement at their own pace.

Educational Resources:

An ebook would serve as a valuable companion, providing theoretical knowledge and historical context to supplement practical learning.


This student's journey is more than just learning Kenbu; it's about keeping tradition alive in the modern era. Online classes have opened a gateway to traditional arts, making them accessible to those who seek them. As our student continues to advance in Kenbu, they not only learn the art but also become a part of its evolving narrative, one that now stretches beyond physical dojos into the realm of virtual learning.

Join us as we cheer them on in their journey of discovery, precision, and passion for Kenbu!