Welcome to Tokyo Samurai Kenbu!

Tokyo Samurai Kenbu offers a 90-minute samurai experience through the traditional art of kenbu (sword dance) and event performances by professional kenbu performers.
Currently, we operate in a rental studio. To make reservations, please contact our Kyoto head office by e-mail. (Click here for information on how to make a reservation)
We would like to promote "samurai culture", one of the fundamental cultures of Japan, through performing arts and kenbu.

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Ever fancied experiencing the life and culture of a Samurai for real? Look no further as you can now do so at our TOKYO Samurai Kenbu workshop!

“Kenbu” is a traditional Japanese stage performance art that utilizes the Katana (traditional Japanese sword) and traditional Japanese fan while expressing the poems that were sung/recited by the Samurai.
Tokyo Samurai Kenbu is an authentic Samurai experience workshop gym (Dojo) located near Ginza area in Tokyo. Try on clothes that are worn in Kenbu performances, learn how to handle a Japanese sword and Japanese fan the fun way and experience the way of the Samurai for yourself!

Should you be coming to Tokyo, we would highly recommend adding this unique and mind-enriching traditional Japanese experience to your itinerary.
We look forward to welcoming you at our workshop.

Japanese/English *The staff in our Tokyo Samurai Kenbu workshop can speak both Japanese and English.
東京サムライ剣舞 Tokyo Samurai Kenbu
Visiting service of a Samurai experience and show
【Authentic Samurai Cultural Experience in Tokyo!】

01Convenient location from Tokyo Station

For small groups (less than ten per one group),we hold Samurai experience in a rental studio of only 1.2km from Tokyo Station. For big groups (more than ten per one group),we hold Samurai experience in a sports center of the Nihonbashi area.

02Samurai experience through traditional Art “Kenbu”

The word “Samurai” has various images associated to it. The most common image that people have of Samurai is of gallant warriors fighting on the battlefield. However, from the late Heian era to the Edo era that spanned for about 700 years where Samurai held political power, the Samurai created their own unique culture and perspective. “Kenbu” is the expression of these Samurai’s perspective of beauty. We endeavor to let you experience the spirit and form of the Samurai through the “Kenbu” experience at our workshop.

In the Light lesson, we will be focusing on simple sword techniques using a Japanese sword such as sheathing and unsheathing. Participants of the Full lesson will learn simple techniques involving the use of a fan in addition to the sword, as well as some footwork. You can try to Kenbu to the rhythm of traditional Japanese poetry at the end of the course. please choose your favorite program.


The instructors at Tokyo Samurai Kenbu hold the title of 'Kenbu master' at one of Kenbu schools, such as Kinouryu Kenbu school (Tokyo). With their many years of training and experience, be rest assured that you can safely and properly learn “Kenbu” even within the constraints of the short experience workshops.

At the end of the workshop, the instructor will give a performance. Please keep your eyes peeled for Kenbu Master's high-spirited performance.

  • *The performance usually lasts 5 minutes. You may upgrade this to a 20 minute performance with an additional charge of 1500yen.

04Costume rental and photoshoot

At Tokyo Samurai Kenbu Workshop, we have many outfits (Kimono and Hakama) used in actual “Kenbu” performances available during the workshop. Many types of Hakama are available such as the formal style Hakama with a vertical stripes, gold-brocaded Hakama and Hakama for martial arts. Feel free to choose whichever you prefer. We recommend the gold-brocaded Hakama for those who want to try something special.

There is some time allocated for picture-taking after changing into the costumes. The instructor will help you with some cool Samurai poses. Do not forget to bring along your phone/camera!

05A performance by the master

Simply choose a date and time on the reservation page of our website to make a booking, then select your desired program. You can also choose optional services like the extended 20 minute performance (1500yen).

Once you have made a booking online, we will send you a confirmation email as well as payment information. You can decide to pay by card beforehand or in cash on the day itself. If you decide to pay in cash, please let us know via email. Thank you.